Maryland Crabcake Delivery

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From the first moment you place your order and until they arrive, you will experience the care and professionalism that it takes to ship the finest Maryland Crabcakes to your door, Overnight, Guaranteed. Whether your order is placed online or using our toll free CRABCAKE HOTLINE, our fresh, (uncooked) and NEVER FROZEN SIGNATURE CRABCAKES will be prepared with you in mind, moments before shipping. Your order is received, your crabcakes are freshly prepared, individually wrapped, placed into a sturdy container, then placed into an insulated corrugated shipping box, with frozen gel packs to keep your order cold and fresh until you receive them. We take extra care to ensure the quality of our product, by using a packaging that will maintain a consistent temperature to insure freshness. We then ship your crab cakes to your door, Overnight, Guaranteed.

Cooking instructions are included with your crabcakes so you can impress your family or friends with the best tasting authentic ALL LUMP MARYLAND CRABCAKES that Maggie’s has become noted for over the years.

These crabcakes are the best on the market and make perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays or anytime.

At Maggie’s we follow-up with every client who gets our crabcakes delivered to make sure they are satisfied with the quality of crabcakes, condition of packaging & ease of ordering. We accept feedback on our website, by phone or mail. We even include a survey with a self addressed stamped envelope in every package to make sure customer feedback is as easy as possible. Below are a couple samples of feedback we have gotten.

“There is no comparison, you have the best. How can you improve on the best?”

- Crabcake Delivery Sent to Florida

“Definitely a 10! Melt in your mouth! It’s great to come to Baltimore for crabcakes but we can’t always do that. Thanks for getting Baltimore’s Best to us landlubbers!"

-Crabcake Delivery Sent to Michigan

“We are originally from Maryland (Baltimore) but have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for 39 yrs. We do miss MD seafood & love your crabcakes”

-Crabcake Delivery Sent to Ohio

By properly identifying and marking your order, we can ensure guaranteed next day shipment through UPS Standard Next Day Air. We only ship within the 48 continental states of the United States.

Sorry, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. Upon delivery we recommend you unpack your order and refrigerate immediately. If you will not be using your crabcakes that day or the next day we recommend you freeze the product in the original plastic container they were delivered in for no more than 48 days. The closer to fresh the product is used the better your results will be.

Freezing for long periods of time will diminish the quality and taste. If you freeze your crabcakes, please be sure to thaw completely under refrigeration, then use the cooking instructions as provided.